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I HEART my Neighborhood

So far in this series, we’ve been looking at the vision and possibilities of a neighboring movement.  I don’t know about you, but I get EXCITED when I think about people coming together and seeking the good of those in their own community.  Neighboring is in the spirit and DNA of Oak Cliff; just imagine what would happen if more people were intentional about the “art of neighboring.”

But before we get ahead our ourselves, it must be said: Neighboring is not easy.  Just the fact that we have to talk about neighboring means that personal and cultural values oppose such efforts.  Busyness, privacy, selfishness – these and other issues block the natural flow of neighboring.

Loving your neighbors and working toward real connection involves decision and energy.  Therefore, over the next few posts, I’ll be sharing some “commitments” of neighboring.   To connect, celebrate, and create  is the goal.  Consider:

Connect ::  I will connect with my closest neighbors, developing a block map and moving toward relationship.

Celebrate ::  I will celebrate my neighborhood, joining or helping create gatherings in my community.

Create ::  I will seek God’s design for my neighborhood, praying for and creating common good projects for the benefit of all.

Neighboring may not be easy, but it is life-giving.  Count the cost and make a choice to neighbor.  You never know what blessings might be right next door!

For more resources on neighboring, see

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