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CELEBRATE | Joining Community Gatherings

Fall is the season of holidays.  While many of us are busy planning gatherings for family and friends, take a moment to remember that good neighboring can be as simple as saying “Yes” to invitations you receive, and joining what is already happening in your community.

The saying goes, “It’s easier to catch a wave than to make one,”  and this holds true in neighboring as well.  Why not show appreciation for what your neighbors are already doing to form community?  Accepting invitations and showing up at events are some of the best ways to see your neighbors in their own contexts and to learn their stories.

Formal Gatherings

If your neighbors have parties and invite you, take them up on the offer!  Consider the number of times Jesus joined people in their homes.  Beyond participating in a social custom to be polite,  Jesus recognized the power of meeting people on their own spaces, on their own terms.  By accepting their hospitality and showing he was comfortable in their homes,  they in turn became more open with him.  More often than not in scripture, these encounters were deeply transformational for the people with whom Jesus interacted (Luke 7:36-50, Luke 19:1-10).

Another formal gathering context for you might be a neighborhood association.  By virtue of living in a certain area, you have the opportunity to work with other homeowners to do common good projects for your neighborhood.  Whether it’s a small group or a vibrant association, lend your help and see how your participation strengthens those relationships and serves your neighborhood.

Informal Gatherings

Even if you don’t have the benefit of neighbors who are party planners or a neighborhood association in the area, our community is full of ways to be engaged in getting to know those around you.  Where is life happening in your neighborhood, and how can you join?  Below are some links to find out about local opportunities.

Follow Jesus’ example and take advantage of the myriad of ways to be intentional in your community by accepting invitations celebrate and taking the initiative to be engaged.  Join community gatherings, and party with a purpose.


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