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Invitation to a Journey

On April 11, BODY | Oak Cliff will host its 3rd Faithwalking 101 weekend retreat. The Faithwalking experience challenges Christians to wrestle with this basic question of our faith:  What does it mean to join God on His mission to reconcile the world to Himself and to restore individuals and communities to His intended design?

Many of us are aware of this calling, this invitation to the abundant life, but something keeps us from living into it. The 101 retreat is an opportunity to begin exploring what that something is. This is not a pep rally calling you to ‘try harder’ – most of us are already trying as hard as we possibly can. Instead, it’s the chance to view our spiritual lives from a completely different perspective and to consider the possibility that we will never be free to live in missional obedience until we give God’s Spirit access to the hidden and broken places in our hearts.

The retreat introduces participants to a mental model of discipleship composed of three core components: 1) radical obedience that leads to a missional life, 2) a reflective life of increasing intimacy with God that leads to greater stewardship in the places we live and work, and 3) authentic community mobilized around a shared vision. Each component is experienced throughout the weekend as the retreat follows a rhythm of presentation (the call to obedience), guided solitude (the reflective life), and a time of sharing in a small group (authentic community).

Let me be clear about one thing – this is not an invitation to a “retreat experience.” Most of us have had our fill of spiritual experience for the sake of spiritual experience, the kind that terminates on ourselves and leads nowhere. What we’re offering is the chance to begin a journey of faith that will lead you places you’ve never been able to go before. It will require a good deal of hard work and there will be many challenges along the way, but the path is a place free from shame and legalism – it is the path of the abundant life of Christ.

If this invitation stirs something up in you, please consider joining us the weekend of April 11 to consider these questions further. We have limited capacity, but hope to accommodate as many as possible on this retreat. To register your interest, fill out this simple form and someone will be in touch with more information (see

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Faithwalking? The What & Why

It’s been a year since I led a group to Houston and started the Faithwalking journey.  I’ve attended a lot of retreats over the years, but far and away, Faithwalking has been the most profound AND practical.  The experience has been very fruitful in my life, helping me to recognize and overcome my ingrained tendency to walk alone and giving me everyday tools to live out spiritual formation and missional engagement.

Over the past year, nineteen additional Oak Cliff participants have entered the experience, including Laura, Brent McDougal (my pastor), and an assortment of ministry and lay leaders from local OC congregations.    These others have experienced similar breakthroughs that are leading to personal freedom and greater impact in their relationships and places of calling.

On October 18-20, BODY Oak Cliff will be offering another Faithwalking retreat and small group experience (see full brochure here).  Space is limited.

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Why Faithwalking?

In the gospels, when Jesus entered Jerusalem he was so touched by the brokenness of his city that he wept. Considering the state of our churches and communities today, His response now would likely be no different.

The Faithwalking journey begins at this place of compassion and urgency. God is always at work to set things right, to redeem and to restore all of creation. As his people, we are charged to join Him in this work.

It’s important to realize that God never begins by asking us to change the world. He asks to change us, and then with the outflow of that transformation, to reach others. We must first graciously and authentically face our own disobedience, irresponsibility, and woundedness. Only then can we live into God’s best.

In order for there to be real, substantive change effected around us, we who profess to follow Christ must get past the superficial obedience we’ve made habit and be truly changed.

We invite you to grow and live into your God-given design. For His glory, for the abundance of your own life, and for the sake of others, will you answer this call?

What is Faithwalking?

Faithwalking is an exciting– and at times frightening – journey of taking active steps toward God’s true design for your life.

The model offers a very different way of thinking about Christian obedience. We believers are used to hearing obedience described from simply a moral perspective. The Faithwalking model, however, explores obedience through the lens of a missional life. What does it mean to be on mission with God in the places we live and work?

Faithwalking offers a path of discipleship that emphasizes authentic community, a reflective lifestyle, and radical obedience.

It is a 6-month commitment comprised of two parts: (a) a weekend retreat, and (b) a 24-week small group experience.

The retreat is a series of conversations, teachings, and reflections within a supportive community, providing time to reflect, to hear from God, and to experience a renewed sense of His call.

For more information, check out these resources – BROCHURE / 101 & 201 OVERVIEW

Friends, keep on living in responsive obedience. Be energetic in your life of salvation, reverent and sensitive before God. He is at work!  Go out into the world uncorrupted, a breath of fresh air in this squalid and polluted society. Provide people with a glimpse of good living and of the living God.  – Excerpts from Philippians 2:12-16